Is Logan City Demolitions qualified?

Logan City Demolitions holds a prescribed activity for asbestos and can perform a full range of asbestos removal. Logan City Demolitions is equipped with an A class licence for asbestos demolition and all staff hold a B class licence. All work carried out is strictly controlled by Health and Safety guidelines and legislation. As licensed asbestos removers, we have the experience and training to ensure the required standards of safety and efficiency are maintained to the current legislation.
We also hold the following credentials:
* Business Certificate to perform Prescribed Activity – Demolition DM1
* Business Certificate to perform Prescribed Activity – Asbestos Removal ‘A’ Class
* Certificate of Prequalification (PQC) – Undertake building projects for the Queensland Government.
* Certificate of Registration for Environmental Protection Act.
* Certificate of Approval from DPI Fire Ant Control Centre.
* Regulated Waste Transport certificate (All trucks)

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