How does the demolition process work?

The first step in engaging in demolition is establishing the scope of the job at hand. Your details will be passed onto an estimator, who will engage with you to view and assess the site location. At this stage, a price can be determined for the job and communicated back to you, with the option of power and gas service disconnections and permits which you may wish to hand over to us. Alternatively, you are welcome to source these yourself. The choice is up to you!

Once it is determined that we have obtained all the necessary permits and safety requirements have been met, the demolition will occur. If the property contains asbestos, this will need to be removed prior to any demolition taking place. Our team will dismantle and discard of this appropriately, leaving the site safe and ready to proceed. Whether we reduced a house down to a clean slate, or just removed the old shed from the back of your yard, you can rest assured knowing you’ve got a professional and experienced demolition team by your side!

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