What is demolition?

Demolition is the process of removing and disassembling structures using a safe and controlled method of destruction. This is done by using plant/machinery and work by hand. The act of demolition not only includes dismantling structures, it can also involve concrete removal, internal strip outs, vegetation/tree removal, pool removal and compaction. 

What is the process of demolition? 

The first steps after accepting your quotation, is to start engaging in the relevant permits. This can be organised yourself or through Logan City Demolitions on your behalf. These permits are: 

Council Demolition Permit 

Power Abolishment 

Gas Abolishment 

Capping of Sewer and water, or Septic Decommissioning

The demolition permit, the form 4 for capping of sewer and water, and form 1 & 7 for septic decommissioning are obtained by your relevant council. Prices vary between the different councils and depending on the council this can usually take up to 10 days.  This can be organised by LCD on your behalf or obtained yourself. 

Power abolishment is where Energex removes the already disconnected power line from your property to the electricity pole closest to the property. This is a MUST before any demolition works can be started. Abolishments can take up to 21 business days, due to COVID-19 the process can be delayed. This can be organised by LCD on your behalf or you can engage your energy provider to have this done. 

Gas Abolishment is also a MUST before any demolition works can be started. APA Gas needs to be contacted to organise the abolishment of gas. LCD can do this on your behalf, or can be done yourself. This process can take around 20 business days.  

Once all the appropriate permits and abolishments have been obtained, the scheduling process can then begin.