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High Quality Residential and Commercial Demolition Solutions

Need your house removed? Logan City Demolitions are fully licensed and have a wealth of experience in performing house demolition projects in an efficient and professional manner. There are numerous factors to consider when performing demolition within residential communities. There are industry regulations that are designed to ensure minimal impact and disruption to neighbors and their properties. When you choose Logan City for your house demolition, we take care of the entire process for you, from the initial quote through to completion.

Logan City Demolitions is Queensland’s premier demolition contractors. Our commitment to safety, customer service, affordability and knowledge is unmatched, with highly trained staff and varied services to tackle any sized project. With over 35 years of experience, we offer trusted, local residential demolition services backed by real industry knowledge.

Logan City Demolitions are Queensland experts in demolition and asbestos demolition, servicing Queensland and New South Wales surrounding areas. Call us on (07) 3800 1445 or enquire online for advice or a no obligation quote on any demolition or asbestos demolition jobs.

Quality Residential Demolition

There are a number of reasons why property owners choose to demolish their properties.

At Logan City Demolitions, we specialise in a range of high quality residential demolition services, including:

Commercial Demolition

If you’re looking to expand or refresh your business space, Logan City Demolitions offers competitive and tailored solutions to suit your budget with your companies’ goals in mind. Logan City Demolitions holds a prescribed activity for asbestos and can perform a full range of asbestos removal.  All staff hold a minimum B class asbestos removal license.

All work carried out is strictly controlled by Health and Safety guidelines and legislation. As licensed asbestos removers, we have the experience and training to ensure the required standards of safety and efficiency are maintained to the current legislation. Using the latest technology, we are equipped to deal with the analysis, removal and disposal of asbestos insulation and other hazardous substances. A skilled workforce with all the necessary equipment.

Full House Demolition

Tearing down houses in order to build a new home is common practice, and for houses that are only two or three stories high, it is a simple process. This is done either manually or mechanically and our plethora of equipment at Logan City Demolitions means we have a machine for every sized project. We’re experts in small projects, making the process fast, efficient, affordable and safe. We’ll knock the building down and take all the rubble away for recycling, leaving you with a clean slate to build your dream home.

Partial House Demolition

Residential demolition doesn’t necessarily mean knocking down an entire house. In some cases, owners choose to knock down only part of an existing structure, or to leave up a particular wall or historic facade. Domestic demolition also includes the removal of structures such as garden sheds.

Professional Demolition in Queensland and New South Wales

Our attention to detail linked to a wealth of experience enables us to offer an unrivaled service.  Our approach to quality and service provides a firm foundation in our ability to solve problems quickly and source unforeseen environmental issues, often employing new approaches which have proved invaluable to our clients in saving time and preventing costly delays.