House Removals

Logan City Demolitions is QLD’s No.1 Demolition and Asbestos removal company! 

We would like to introduce our brand-new services HOUSE REMOVAL & RELOCATIONS!

Here at Logan City Demolitions, we pride ourselves in salvaging and recycling. To keep this passion alive, we are now incorporating this into relocating homes as another option to demolishing. Why destroy when you can repurpose?

We will be offering a service to remove and relocate your home. This service will include having your site cleared and ready for a new build and will also include all the required permits. The only thing we ask for is time! This service will be at no cost as long it’s meets the requirements of location and re-stumping. These requirements include moving the home anywhere within a 100km radius and re-stumping at low set. Every extra km will be at an additional fee and we will offer high set re-stumping at an additional fee too.

Why choose us? Other removal companies offer to remove your home for free, but they will charge you for the permits and site clean-up which could potentially leave you paying $10K-$15K. We would like to remove this stress and offer to pay for the permits and leave your site clean and ready for your new build.

With this opportunity not only will you save money, make it an easier process for yourself, but you will grant the next homeowner a chance to appreciate this house as much as you did!

Contact us TODAY for more information. We look forward to speaking with you!

House Removal