Frequently Asked Questions

Logan City Demolitions is Brisbane’s leading demolition company, with over 4 decades of experience. Before you arrange your next demolition job, take a look at our most frequently asked questions to learn more about our service.

How do I know if I have asbestos on my property?

It’s very difficult to determine if a material contains asbestos just by looking at it, and the only way to be sure is by getting a sample tested by a National Association of Testing Authorities accredited laboratory. Approximately one third of all Australian homes contain asbestos products, so as a general rule if your house was built before the mid-1980s it is highly likely that there are asbestos-containing materials present. If your house is less than 30 years old, this risk is dramatically reduced.

Is Logan City Demolitions qualified?

Logan City Demolitions holds a prescribed activity for asbestos and can perform a full range of asbestos removal. Logan City Demolitions is equipped with an A class license for asbestos demolition and all staff hold a B class licence. All work carried out is strictly controlled by Health and Safety guidelines and legislation. As licensed asbestos removers, we have the experience and training to ensure the required standards of safety and efficiency are maintained to the current legislation.
We also hold the following credentials:

  • Business Certificate to perform Prescribed Activity – Demolition DM1
  • Business Certificate to perform Prescribed Activity – Asbestos Removal ‘A’ Class
  • Certificate of Prequalification (PQC) – Undertake building projects for the Queensland Government.
  • Certificate of Registration for Environmental Protection Act.
  • Certificate of Approval from DPI Fire Ant Control Centre.
  • Regulated Waste Transport certificate (All trucks)
How will the waste be disposed of?

Waste will be delivered to disposal facilities specific for that form of waste. Logan City Demolitions cares for the environment and is considerate in our disposal of waste products.

My property contains salvageable materials; will this reduce my demolition quote?

Yes – this will be taken into consideration and incorporated into your initial quotation price

Will the site be left clean after the demolition is complete?

Yes your site will be left completely clean and clear of all mess and debris, all rubbish and waste left from the job will be removed and disposed of thoughtfully leaving you with a cleared finished product.

What areas do you cover?

Logan City Demolitions services Brisbane metro and regional areas, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW are our main areas of business but we travel throughout the whole of Queensland and New South Wales.

How does the demolition process work?

The first step in engaging in demolition is establishing the scope of the job at hand. Your details will be passed onto an estimator who will engage with you to view and assess the site location. At this stage, a price can be determined for the job and communicated back to you, with the option of power and gas service disconnections and permits which you may wish to hand over to us. Alternatively, you are welcome to source these yourself. The choice is up to you!

Once it is determined that we have obtained all the necessary permits and safety requirements have been met, the demolition will occur. If the property contains asbestos, this will need to be removed prior to any demolition taking place. Our team will dismantle and discard of this appropriately, leaving the site safe and ready to proceed. Whether we reduced a house down to a clean slate, or just removed the old shed from the back of your yard, you can rest assured knowing you’ve got a professional and experienced demolition team by your side!

Why Choose to Demolish my home instead of having it Removed by a removal company?

Removal companies may offer to give you a small sum to remove your home for you. The downside of this is, when they remove your home from the block they also leave a mess behind them. Leaving all the stumps and concrete slabs and more, for you to then to dispose of. That is when the demolishers are contacted to clean up a site after removal, this will cost people thousands to tidy up. So in reality the money you made selling the home, you paid to tidy the mess up! Choose demolition from the start. At LCD we care for the environment and we recycle all of the materials in your home, as well as re-sell back to the public. You know with a full demolition you will have a clean and clear site ready for your new build and no hassles.